God-centered- The church exists to bring glory to God. In every aspect of our ministry, His glory is our aim


Christ-exalting- God is glorified by the proclamation of the Person & work of Jesus Christ. We seek to be all about Jesus, always about Jesus, and only about Jesus 


Spirit-filled- We understand that apart from the Spirit of God we are unable to accomplish the mission God has called us to. The church does not flourish because of human wisdom & skill, bur rather by the Spirit of God. 


Bible-saturated- The authority for our ministry comes from God's Word. We seek to submit to His teaching, seeking to learn His Word, love His Word, and live His Word 


The Power of Prayer- We are committed to dependence upon God in prayer, asking God to accomplish what we cannot for His glory and for the good of others. 


The Culture of Grace- We proclaim the message of the Gospel of grace- that Jesus saves sinners. We are committed to not only the proclamation through words, but also through an atmosphere of grace in the church. 


On Mission- Since God is worthy of the worship of all peoples, and since He has given us the privilege and responsibility to go and make disciples of all nations, we are committed as a church to living on mission. 


Relationships- We believe that God has created us to be in relationships with others. Much of our growth in Him comes through relationships with others. We are committed to being a relational church. 


The Importance of Family- We believe God has designed family as a natural place to display His image & His attributes. We are committed as a church to help families grow in Him as we grow as a church family. 


Disciple-producing- God has called us to make disciples of all nations. For this reason, we value the making of disciples. We believe that we should help everyone who comes to BBC grow in grace. 


Joy-pursuing- We believe that bringing glory to God and good to others also brings the most joy into our lives We are not interested in dutiful legalism, but rather a joyful relationship with Christ. 


Are you looking for a church where you can grow and experience spiritual renewal?
If so, perhaps Bahama Baptist Church is where God is leading you. We invite you to join us in this journey as we answer God’s call to become the church he intends for us to be.


7917 Willardville Station Road
Bahama, North Carolina 27503


(919) 471-3181



Sunday Morning

Sunday School - 9:30AM

Service - 10:30AM

Wednesday Night

Fellowship Dinner - 5:30PM

Adult Bible Study, Children's Missions and Youth Activities - 6:05PM to 7:15PM