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Easter Sunday

April 12, 2020

We're used to spending Easter with lots of people, but interestingly, Jesus spent the first Easter with just a handful of people, much like we'll be doing. In the message we'll be looking at who Jesus spent time with on the 1st Easter, and see how incredibly personal the Living Savior is not only for those individuals, but also for us. Amazingly, we don't sound much different than the first witnesses. 

1. A troubled woman

2. A confused couple asking, "What now?"

3. And a group of men fearful about the future

There's never been more relevant, hope-filled, life-changing good news than the truth that the Savior lives & is present with us today! 

You may be troubled, asking, "what now?" or fearful about the future because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The message of Easter is for you. It's a powerful & personal announcement of hope for you in a Living Savior! 

Love you all! 


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