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Hebrews 10:24-25

Connect with Others

February 17, 2019

1. Introduction

  • You Need People; People Need You

  • Since we have access to God, let us…(the “let us” patch)

2. Let Us Draw Near (v. 22)

  • With full assurance

  • With full forgiveness

3. Let Us Hold Fast the Confession of Our Hope (v. 23)

  • What are you holding on to?

  • In what areas are you most tempted to waver?

4. Let Us Consider How to Stir up One Another to Love & Good Works (v. 24)

  • Application: Figure out a way to stir each other up…

  • Aim: To love & good works

5. Let Us Not Neglect Meeting Together (v. 25)

  • An act of obedience

  • An act of encouragement

  • An act of anticipation

6. Invitation


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