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Romans 6: 15-23

Everybody Serves Somebody

July 14, 2019

1. Introduction

2. Whom Do You Serve/Obey? (vv. 15-18)

  1. Sin

  2. Righteousness

  3. Diagnostic Question: Which of these do you truly obey?

3. What is it Getting you? (vv. 19-22)

  1. Impurity, Lawlessness and Shame

  2. Righteousness, Sanctification and Freedom

  3. Diagnostic Question: Which of these more accurately describes your life?

  4. Unclean, dirty, chaos, disorder, out of control shame and embarrassment?

  5. Right relationship with God, growth, and freedom?

4. Where Does it Lead? (vv. 20-23)

  1. Death

  2. Eternal Life

  3. Diagnostic Question: With the path you're on right now, where are you headed?

5. Invitation - "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord". (v. 23)


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